Staying Strong in the Face of Terrorism

The rise of a new barbaric state in the Middle East has brought with it renewed threats of terrorism in the United States and Europe. The United Kingdom has recently upped its terror threat level as ISIS/ISIL threatens attacks. While we must always take seriously the threat of attacks on our homelands, we must also remember to stay strong and not cower in fear. That is what the terrorists want us to do, because it makes them look and feel powerful. If we abandon our liberties in the name of security, the extremists will have succeeded in destroying our western way of life, which is their goal.

This is not to say that we should not fight terrorism. I am simply saying that it is a fight that is as much mental as it is physical. If we as a people refuse to be terrorized and fearful, than extremists can’t win. They know they can’t win a conventional war against any legitimate western military, so they depend of psychological warfare to harm a population. We simply cannot give in to these tactics. So long as we remain steadfast in our dedication to liberty and use our military to destroy any imminent threat to our people, we will emerge the clear victor in this fight.


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