Hypocrisy From Some Anti-Gun Folks

Tragedy has again struck Chicago this holiday weekend, with CNN reporting 11 deaths and dozens of shootings in the city known for gun violence. Chicago’s police superintendent has called for stricter gun laws to help solve the problem.

Surprisingly, I agree with him.

He is not calling for more restrictions (as far as I know) on legal gun owners, but rather is pointing out that people who commit crimes with guns are punished more by their gang than by the justice system. One man taken in this weekend for a gun crime has had 21 arrests before and is wanted in connection with a murder.

After 21 arrests, why is this man on the streets? I am against needlessly locking people up in order to be “hard on crime,” but when someone has repeatedly proven to be a danger to the community, they need to be put in jail for a long time so that they can no longer cause harm.

What is maddening is that some of the anti-gun crowd insists they want to “protect our children,” by imposing tougher laws on law-abiding gun owners in case they become criminals, yet the same crowd doesn’t seem to want to punish the ones who have proven to be real criminals many times over.

It almost makes you wonder if a lot of the anti-gun crowd is more concerned with scoring political points and sticking it to the NRA than they are with making our communities safer. Locking up those who commit violent gun crimes should be a policy everyone supports, regardless of their views on guns.


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