The Last Guns in Massachusetts

In the Senate chamber of the Massachusetts State House hangs two guns. One American, one British, both from the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Both arms are displayed to create the aura that either could have been the one to fire the “shot heard ’round the world” that started the American Revolution. 

I find their display to be quite Ironic.

Massachusetts is about to pass a bill further tightening their already suffocating gun laws. In the Bay State all gun owners need a “firearm identification card” (FID). Currently, cards for long arms are issued on a shall-issue basis, but the proposed bill would make FIDs for long arms be issued on a “may-issue” basis. This means that the local police can arbitrarily decide someone is unfit to own a gun and prevent them from legally attaining one. Usually this particularly high hurdle for gun owners is reserved for handguns.

It’s ironic that as Senators vote (probably approvingly) for this bill, they will be looking up in admiration at a gun that helped found this country. A gun owned by a private citizen, a farmer probably, used for hunting, protecting his family, and apparently freedom-fighting. Not even under the British, whom Bostonians decried as tyrannical back in 1775, did a citizen need the approval of a local magistrate to buy a rifle. Yet today, in the State that prides itself for sparking the flame of liberty, that flame is being slowly extinguished. 

A further irony is that the very Senators that sit in the chamber and brag about being in the presence of an original rifle of the revolution probably don’t even believe there is a basis for the individual’s right to bear arms. They don’t get that the revolution never could have happened if there was no private gun ownership. Had the colonists only had access to arms through militia officially organized by the government (in this case the British crown), they would never have been able to revolt.


Massachusetts brags that it is the birth, and resting, place If Massachusetts keeps going down the path of limiting freedom, they should dig up the graves of our founding fathers and move them someplace else.


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