Andrew Cuomo Doesn’t Pay His Taxes

If I could choose one politician to lose his election in November, it would be Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. I don’t feel like writing the book length rant it would take for me to fully state my contempt for him, but basically he cares about nothing except his political career (which he is delusional enough to think has a future), and he doesn’t even try to hide this ugly fact. He also doesn’t like to pay the high taxes that he subjects everyone else in New York to paying.

The New York Times reports that Cuomo did not get permits when he remodeled his home and was never reassessed for tax purposes and therefore he has not been paying as much tax as he should. Just add him to the list of liberals who call for higher taxes and then exempt themselves from having to pay more. I dream of the day when liberals finally admit that their politicians are as greedy as the “evil” republicans. At least the republicans want lower taxes on everyone, not just themselves.

P.S. I know property taxes are at the local level and therefore not Cuomo’s responsibility as governor, but New York is still one the most heavily taxed states all around and a lot of that blame falls on Cuomo.

P.P.S. Cuomo also supports gun confiscation. His comment here was likely a trial balloon. He didn’t propose it officially in law because that wold hurt him politically (that’s all he cares about remember), but by saying the comment he revealed that confiscation is likely his preferred choice of gun control.


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