Soccer and the GOP




There are certain things about American society that are simply accepted as fact. One is that Republicans often have a hard time connecting with latino voters, and another is that Latinos often are big soccer fans. Considering the biggest event in soccer- the World Cup- is kicking off in about a month, and midterm elections are coming up in the fall, I think this summer is a great time for the GOP to begin to relate to latino voters. 

GOP candidates should make it a point to express their interest in the World Cup and soccer in general. Perhaps even show their fun and human side by kicking around a ball every once in a while with voters. Would this possibly turn off “real” Americans who see soccer as sin compared to their beloved football? Possibly. But the World Cup would allow candidates’ interest in soccer to double as old fashioned patriotism by rooting hard for the underdogs USA. After all, the only thing that true Americans love more than football is, well, America. Especially when America is an underdog (Revolutionary War anyone?). 

Various experiences in California and Texas have shown that latinos will consider supporting the GOP, if only the GOP makes an effort to connect with them and not just write them off as a lost cause in terms of winning their support. I think soccer is an easy first step to making this connection.


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