What I Have Learned Blogging

WARNING: I am about to blog about blogging. 


I have not been blogging for long and I do not have many followers or regular viewers, but I have noticed some interesting things during my experience nonetheless. 

For one, you never know what will get a lot of views. A decent amount of my audience comes from me posting my blogs on Facebook to be seen be a lot of younger people so naturally topics such as those concerning college and other young people issues get a decent number of views. But on the other hand, when I write an article about what I think is a hot button political issue that is always in the media such as woman’s equal pay or race issues, no one seems to care (at least in my audience). To me this means that a lot of Americans simply don’t care about the same issues that the elites in politics and the media care about. I know I have way too small of a sample size to make generalizations about the population in general, but I still think this is an interesting observation.

Secondly, give op-ed writers a break. I know that many people read op-eds and think “But what about ______! This person is an idiot for not seeing this huge hole in his article!” Let me assure you that the writer probably is aware of the holes in his article, but simply does not have the time/space to fully address every possible objection to his point of view.

Thirdly, writing, like every other skill, has to be practiced to be improved. Some people have some natural talent for writing which helps them a little bit, but if you want to be a good writer you really need to practice. If athletes have to practice, why shouldn’t writers?


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