Bias on Campus


Anyone who has bought Paul Krugman’s Econ textbooks can relate to this meme.


Whenever I tell older adults that I am a political science major they often ask me if my professors brainwash their students into being progressive liberals. I always reply that I am lucky that my school (Boston College) does a great job at balancing out their political science department with a pretty diverse faculty. Have I had liberal professors whose classes I have suffered through, hesitating to express my “radical” beliefs that the European welfare state model just might be unsustainable in the long run? Yes. But I have also had excellent conservative professors who were brilliant as well as professors whose political views I could not even predict, which is good too. 

But despite my mostly positive experience, I have to say that some bias still exists. For instance, if a student is going to share an example of shoddy/biased media coverage it is expected that he use an example from Fox News and not MSNBC (which is equally stupid and biased). Also, if a professor ever talks about a fringe political movement in America that is a little crazy (that is the implication), the Tea Party is always used. Occupy Wall Street on the other hand is often held up as a noble movement that is fighting for justice, even if they cause some property damage and engage in unlawful behavior from time to time. As a conservative student, this gets pretty annoying pretty fast. 

But I consider myself lucky. I don’t see my school as heavily biased in its teaching of politics, especially compared to other schools. I am glad that there are conservative and liberal professors in the political science department. I wouldn’t want a school to brainwash their students into being conservative either. And when I have to experience conservative bashing on a small scale I often think of my counterparts at schools like Brown, and how much worse it could be. 


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