Farewell Piers Morgan, and Gun Control



Gun control is one of my favorite political topics and one of the big reasons for this is because the issue breeds so many hilarious political cartoons that also do a great job at explaining gun issues. Above is my favorite cartoon showing the madness of banning so called “assault weapons” just because they LOOK like military weapons, and below is one of the funnest political cartoons ever that exaggerates political stereotypes in a why that can make people on both sides laugh.





The reason why I am writing on guns today is because I noticed that America’s favorite (least favorite?) annoying anti-gun British guy Piers Morgan has finally thrown in the towel on his nightly CNN show. This was largely due to the fact that no one was watching his show so it had to be canceled, but regardless of the reasons it is nice to know that all of his anti-gun nonsense will no longer be spewed on CNN at 9pm.

I don’t feel like fully explaining why almost all gun control measures are foolish, but for those interested who have a lot of time on their hands I will link to an article written by a firearm instructor that does a much better job explaining gun issues than I could ever do anyway. The bottom line though of course is the fact the in the past 20 years the number of guns in America has skyrocketed while our violent crime rates have declined. I’ll admit that this doesn’t mean “more guns LEADS to less crime” but it also means that more guns do not LEAD to MORE crime.


The link:



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