Save $400 Million by Switching Fonts


I came across the article above on Facebook and saw it as a valuable lesson about government. The article is about a 14 year old who figured out that the government can save hundreds of millions of dollars if they switch the font that they print documents in to a thinners font that uses less ink. This sounds like it should be a bipartisan no brainer with no possible reason to not implement.

But this is government, so common sense doesn’t apply.

The government responded to this report by saying that they appreciate the suggestion but they are working to make most files digital so they don’t have to worry about printing costs. That’s great, but what about switching fonts so that during the time it takes to convert to being fully digital the government can save every cent possible? Or what about the fact that the government will always be printing at least some documents, so why not save money where we can? Especially when the cost saving measure is so effortless?

My suspicion is that the government is resisting the font change because someone, somewhere is benefitting from high ink costs. Think about it. Some company in some congressional district has to make the ink that the government buys, and that company hires people and pays taxes and such. If the government spends less on ink, that company gets less money and maybe has to lay off some workers.

That would be awfully inconvenient for the ink lobby/special interests. Better keep spending more than we have to…


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