Obamacare Trainwreck




During the 2012 election there was a big debate over whether or not Obamacare would improve the US healthcare system in terms of coverage, quality and most importantly price. It wasn’t called the Patient Protection and Affordable care act for nothing. Policy wonks on both sides spared over the intricacies of our healthcare system and how Obamacare would effect them.

It turns out that those debates are now useless.

It’s not that they aren’t important in theory, it’s just that in reality we cannot debate the effects of Obamacare because:

1) We don’t know what the law even means anymore. We can read what the text says, but that doesn’t mean anything because President Obama unilaterally rewrites the law every other week once he finds out that what was passed in 2009 was poorly thought out. The fact that a former constitutional law professor advocates re-writing laws without the consent of Congress adds an ironic twist to the whole debacle. 

2) Obamacare has had so many delays that who knows when the law will actually get around to being implemented. Employer mandate? Delayed. Individual mandate? Delayed. Deadline for signing up for insurance? Delayed. All of these delays are done by the President without the consent of Congress of course, because who needs democracy when democracy doesn’t agree with you 100% of the time? The irony here of course is that a year ago Republicans proposed delaying all of these things so that the administration could get their act together in rolling out the law, but the Democrats turned down their proposal claiming everything was on time and ready. 

I am not implying that once Obamacare gets fully implemented all will be well in healthcare, because it most likely won’t be. All I am saying is that Obamacare is such a logistical disaster in terms of implementation that we cannot even start studying to see if it is a policy disaster in terms of how it effects our healthcare system. 

I almost feel bad for the Democrats though. They passed the law without a single Republican vote, so now they have to take full blame for everything that goes wrong with it.


One thought on “Obamacare Trainwreck

  1. progressivewatch

    They passed obamacare, not only without a single Republican vote, they passed it against the will of the people. They have lied to us, belittled us, and broken our laws all in an attempt to save themselves from doom that Obamacare represents. They are going to pay the price for their arrogance in 2014.


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