Jon Stewart Nails It (click title to view video of Jon Stewart exposing hypocrisy)

It is no mystery that the American people despise Congress. The reasons for such feelings, however, are not always so obvious. Is it because they are constantly stuck in political deadlock and can’t get any bills passed to address our nation’s problems? Is it because they spend more time raising campaign cash than legislating? Is it because our politicians spend our money with reckless abandonment? Or is it because they are despicable hypocrites?

Most likely the source of America’s anger toward Washington is a combination of all of these things.

But today we focus on that last point: hypocrisy.

Senator Feinstein is a liberal democrat from California who is a staunch supporter of the NSA spying on the American people, saying that it is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks (despite the fact that the NSA themselves admit that their controversial metadata program has caught ZERO terrorists). Her logic is essentially “If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t care if the government spies on you.”

This is a dangerous way of thinking, and if we didn’t have good Senators like Ron Wyden (D.) and Rand Paul (R.) fighting against it America would be in trouble.

The real story for today though is that now Senator Feinstein is putting up a big fuss because she found out that the CIA has been spying on her and her fellow Senators. When the government spies on innocent American citizens, Feinstein is ok with it and says that there is nothing to fear about government snooping. But when the government spies on her, it is a blatant violation of the 4th amendment that threatens the future of our democracy.

I just hope politicians realize that THIS is why we despise them.


Here is an article talking about the ineffectiveness of NSA snooping.


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