Common Sense Libertarianism



I have posted this cartoon because it’s funny and shows the general stereotype of libertarians. I then posted the link above because it explains very well why the cartoon is not accurate (even if it is funny). Personally I agree with a lot of libertarian policy prescriptions because they make sense to me, but I would not call myself a hardcore philosophical libertarian by any means. Being a Catholic I can’t stand the “altruism is bad” arguments of Ayn Rand that too many libertarians take to an extreme. Philosophically libertarians believe that human liberty IS “the ultimate good”. I, however, believe that catholic ideals of being loving, charitable and forgiving are the ultimate goods (basically the morals of christianity to keep things simple for now). Liberty is still important in my view, and this is because (to paraphrase Pierre Manent) liberty is a means so necessary to the end that is “the good”, that sometimes liberty is confused with being an end in and of itself. In other words: a society flourishes the most morally, economically and socially when its people are as free as possible. Call it “Common Sense Libertarianism.”


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