Obama’s Presidency

The only things in the news seem to be the missing Malaysian plane and Putin. Seeing as I know nothing about aviation and don’t feel like writing on Putin (maybe some other time, though I just don’t feel that qualified) I suppose it is a good time to talk about the current state of Obama’s presidency.

I am not a fan of the President. I do not think he is deliberately trying to ruin America, but unfortunately I think he is doing much more harm to our country than good. Much of this comes down to the fact that he is a big government liberal who is pretty far to the left (not a socialist, but not a “moderate” like some liberals try to claim). In fact, I don’t think liberal is even the right word to describe the president. Liberal is supposed to be associated with freedom and liberty, but unfortunately the only freedoms our president seems to believe in are abortion and gay marriage (personally I don’t get offended by gay marriage, but abortion is another issue I’m sure will come up at another point). It used to be that democrats at least used to believe in civil liberties, which was good. In fact, a quick reading of the Bill of Rights shows that the Founders were very concerned about civil liberties such as speech, gun rights, and protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. But Obama doesn’t seem to support any of these things. Despite his campaign promises, he has taken Bush’s controversial policies like wiretapping and domestic spying to a whole new level. The NSA monitors our phone calls, despite the fact that they admit that their metadata program has not caught a single terrorist. Meanwhile the IRS targets political enemies in the name of “protecting” people from “special interests.” 

As bad as all of that is, it almost pales in comparison to Obama’s failed economic policies. The irony is that all the things Democrats hate the most have gotten worse under Obama. Poverty has gone up, income inequality is higher than any time since the 1920s and the labor market is so bad that the only reason the unemployment rate is going down is because so many people have given up looking for work. Of course, Nancy Pelosi may not consider this a problem because in her eyes all of these people have been “liberated” from work (gee, I wish I could be liberated too). 

Perhaps the biggest disaster though is Obamacare. Despite what one student said the other week, this train-wreck of a bill was not passed as a “conservative compromise”, instead it was passed without a single republican vote. There is no doubt that before Obamacare our health care system needed some serious reforms, but the problem is that Obamacare took all the problems of the old system and made them worse instead of fixing them. I know that is a broad statement but I’m writing a blog post, not a book. 

And what is the excuse that Obama gives for all of these failures? Its the Republican’s fault of course. He claims that if only the GOP got out of the way and let him reign as a king, America’s problems will all be solved. Conveniently left out of this narrative is the fact that Obama had democratic majorities in the House and Senate for the first two years of his presidency. Also, the only reason why the GOP gained the majority in the House in 2010 that allows them to obstruct the President is because the American people were so upset with Obama’s policies that they expended great effort in trying to stop his agenda. The very conservative Tea Party is just a reaction to a very liberal president who instead of uniting the country, divided it.

That is a summary of my views and I know I did not get very specific about any issues. But like I said, this is a blog post, not a book, and more specifics are sure to come in the future.Image


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