Title Change Part 2

Another day another title change. Or in this case two in one day. Like I said from the start, I am new at blogging so expect things to be choppy and accept my apologies for it. I decided on the new, and hopefully permanent name because I want to take the traditional left/right political spectrum out of this blog because I consider it pretty useless for anything other than the game of politics, and I want to stay focused on what is good for America, not just its politicians. Reagan once said in a stump speech for Barry Goldwater that there is no left or right, only up or down. The Gipper was a wise man. 

I called it “Thinking Points” because everyone always has lot of “talking points” (God knows we all hear enough of them every day), but many seem to not really be thinking about what they are saying. They just repeat what they hear. I imagine it goes something like this: Person on TV said “X”, therefore “X” must be true because the person is on TV so they MUST be qualified (sarcasm intended). The flaws in this way of going about politics are obvious. So instead of talking points, I want to propose thinking points. I hope that the things I write push people to think about the topics being discussed. This includes thinking about ways in which my arguments and thoughts are flawed, or perhaps could be improved. 


Here is a clip of Reagan saying the quote I mentioned above about left/right, up/down


I especially like the line about trading freedom for security because you could apply it to both political parties (GOP and the NSA or Democrats and their ever expanding social programs)


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