This blog will be about current political issues, but in my opinion it is hard to understand politics without understanding at least some history (as well as other things such as economics, but there will be plenty of posts about that later I’m sure).

I am a big fan of the Founding Fathers due to their courage, brilliance, and most of all their dedication to liberty, knowing that in order for people to flourish and reach their potential, they have to be free. This is why I think this video by Paul Harvey about the signers of the Declaration of Independence is really good. What I especially like about it is that it is a good answer to those who say that we should not focus on the Founding Fathers because they were “too white, too male, and too rich” and therefore they should not have much of a place in our modern society of equal races, genders and incomes. Equality, of course, is great and should be strived for, but that does not mean there is no place in our society for outstanding people who really did pledge their “lives, fortunes, and most sacred honor.”


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